Milk Preservation and Hygiene Practices Training

Reducing vulnerability and building community resilience to climate change effects in Togdheer and Sahil regions, Somaliland  Project  which has been implemented by Candlelight with support from its partner organization Kindermothilfe (KNH), The three year project aims at increasing the resilience of 18,000 resources – poor aggro pastoralists and pastoralists in the target regions to better cope with the adverse economic, social, and ecological impacts of climate change.

One of the activities of this project including milk preservation and hygiene practices training, the training was conducted for 20 pastoralist community members involved in the milk production, milk trading and milk transportation. These were selected from five pastoralist  villages under Togdheer and Sahil Region namely; Xaji Salah, Ali Farah, Mohamud Abane, Calaacule and Beerato.

The training covered different topics including Methods of milk preservation, General principles of hygienic milk practices, Sources of Milk contamination during retailing and milking, Consequences of milk contamination, Cleaning of milk equipment and common milk borne diseases particularly (mastitis, brucellosis, Anthrax Endo parasite infestations etc.) and their human health and economic effects.

The immediate outcome of the training was an increase in knowledge of the trainees in several of the topics covered in the training. Each of the trainees also received two brass milk containers that are used for safe transportation of milk from the point of production to the point of sale.