Case Study six

Bahja running her business

Bahja is a mother of 6 children who is member of Hoobaan Self Help Group (SHG), before joining this SHG she was very poor and had nothing to cover the daily life of her children; she save within the group and she has taken 200,000 S/L SH from the group at the beginning of the investment among the group and created a new business which is vegetable selling in the village, at that time her life has changed little bit she continued to save with the group and on round two of the investment she has taken 500,000 S/L SH she has enlarged her business and created small shop and included with the vegetable by now she has small shop and grocery in which She earn 30,000-60,000 S/L SH by day , she can afford education, health care, meals and all basic needs for her children and family and she is appreciating well for the SHG approach.