Annual Data Collection of Livelihood Project

Enhancing livelihoods in the agro-pastoral and pastoral communities living in Buroa and Sheik districts is a livelihood project which implemented by Candlelight with fund support from its partner organization ISF. Candlelight introduced this livelihood project which focuses on fodder & Sisal productivity improvement through trainings on agronomic practices for fodder, value addition of existing income generation opportunities to be benefiting by women and unemployed youth rural groups, provision of agriculture  inputs for agro-pastoral small holder families etc.

Every year in January the project team conduct annual project data collection to  assess the progress against stated outputs, outcomes and impacts, as well as identify issues and recommend course corrections.

The project team visited three villages named, Galooley , Go’da yar , Go’da weyn and interviewed 141 House Hold (HH) from these  three villages.

This exercise was  also  highlighting the major challenges encountered during the project  process .  The    effectiveness and  efficient implementation of outputs and their contribution to project outcomes and impact were documented for future use..

The annual data collection  is being undertaken at the end of each year  for the  project implementation and will pave the way for improved project delivery for the remaining project activities  and propose amendments (if any) required in project design, implementation arrangements and/or institutional linkages in order to effectively and sustainably contribute to the livelihood improvement in the target beneficiaries  and as well contributing  general objective of the partner organizations and development plan of the country.

The annual data collection approach was  based on participatory methods (such as one-to-one interviews, focus groups, participatory mapping etc.), used with the key informants in Somaliland, and a thorough documentary review of archived material related to the project, the project baseline survey report, project plan and logical framework, monitoring plan and reports, training reports etc.).

Candlelight livelihood team were l prepared to conduct this annual workshop on data collection and  was presented the findings  in the last annual workshop conducted in Go’da Weyn village.