Education Progammes

Education interventions in this sector include construction and rehabilitation of schools, training of teaches, vocational skills training, literacy numeracy formal education and pastoral education. Candlelight has vocational training centers in Hargeisa, Burao and Erigavo, over the past 19 years thousands of youth have graduated from these centers run by the organization with well-equipped.

Major areas of focus include:

– Running and supporting youth vocational training centres in Burao, Erivago and Hargeisa

– Running and supporting formal education

– Promotion of girl-child education through provision of scholarships for displaced, poor and orphaned girls;

– Conducting motivational speeches in the schools

– Advocacy on gender awareness and education;

– Provision of primary education for pastoralist children through mobile schools, camel library and audio radio teaching program.

– Increasing employment opportunity through creation of small business for students

The following projects are on-going and completed education field projects

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