ISF delegation Trip to Somaliland

Somaliland is currently experiencing a progressive and sustained deterioration and erosion of livelihoods, which is exacerbated by a combination of multiple reinforcing shocks including drought, accelerated environmental degradation and climate change. This situation has been going on for many decades now and has led to, among other things, unsustainable utilization […]

Tailoring and Mobile Repairing Graduation Ceremony

Graduation ceremony for 20 mobile repairing  and 9 tailoring  trainees, who came from ten targeted villages and completed one to three months training course of mobile repairing and tailoring in Candlelight Vocational Training Center at Hargiesa, witch funded by Oxfarm and implemented by Candlelight. All trainees received complete tool kits to start self-employment in […]

Vaccination and Treatment Campaign

Vaccination and treatment campaign for small ruminant (Sheep & Goat) against PPR diseases and SGP (Goats & sheep small Pox) in two regions ( Maradi Jeeh & Togdheer) implemented by Ministry of livestock of Somaliland with Candlelight support monitoring and funded by FAO.

Gar-Adag Community Education Committees (CEC) Training

Gar-Adag Community Education Committees (CEC) four days training participants of SOMGEP project in Gar-Adag, and participants from (Sincaro, Gawsawene, Garadag), some of the training contents: Definition of leadership Understanding different styles of leadership Qualities of good leadership The role of CEC for school management Understanding the role of CEC in […]