Establishment of Mini-Nurseries

Reducing Vulnerability and Building Community Resilience to Climate Change Effects in Somaliland Project team made field visits   to identify nursery plots   and agree the administrative aspect of mini nurseries with district and regional MoP&RD representatives in Burao and Sheikh building on increased capacity of local stakeholders the project also shows […]



Candlelight Erigavo Primary School

Candlelight Erigavo Primary School was established after ISF and NRC withdraw from education projects in Erigavo Candlelight Vocational Skills Centre. Candlelight management team together with RR have decided to open a primary school from grade1-4 in which we felt the demand at this particular grades is relatively high. Beginning of […]

Capacity Building Training for Candlelight Senior Management Staff

Introduction To enhance knowledge and skills of the staff is one of the pillars of Candlelight as institution. We believe that every Organisation’s development and growth depends on their staff development and at the same time optimum utilization of available resources. As result of this Candlelight HR department organized four […]



Bookh Grazing Reservation

Rehabilitation and Management of Grazing and Forestry Reserve project is the one funded by the Somaliland Development Fund (SDF) through the Ministry of Environment and Rural Development. The project is mainly focused on potential rangelands and forests reserves in Somaliland, such as Bookh and Lafaruug grazing reserves and Gacan Libah […]

Cross Border & Reconstruction Project

Cross Border/Reconstruction Project commenced 2012, the project intends to address long existing needs of the community and aims to invest in strengthening governance, increasing resilience to drought and improving livelihood security. Project is funded by Dutch Government through OXFAM NOVIB, and is jointly implemented in partnership with  CANDLELIGHT, HAVAYOCO, HIRDA […]



Graduation Ceremony for 30 Youth Skills Trainees

On 1st of October 2015, Graduation Ceremony for 30 trainees from Togdheer and Maroodjijeex regions was held at Candlelight meeting hall in Burao. 20 of the trainees were male and were taught on masonry skill where the other 10 were female and were taught on pasty skill. Trainees were chosen from ten different villages […]

Candlelight Burao Secondary School Achievements

2015 form four examination results announced by Somaliland national examination board has been a good news for Candlelight family whether students, teachers and management. From the support of Allah and joint effort by students, teachers and management the school had won for many years to be the first top rank […]

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Rehabilitation and Management of Grazing and Forestry Reserves project

Candlelight  and Agriculture Development  Organisation (ADO)  are working  jointly  Rehabilitation and Management of Grazing and Forestry Reserves project  funded by  Somaliland Development  Fund (SDF)  with  Ministry of Environment and Rural Development, The overall objective of the output is to maintain rangeland productivity, rehabilitate degraded areas, protect and restoration of valuable […]

Somali Girls’ Education Promotion Programme

Currently Somali people are realizing the importance of educating and investing in their girls. This can be attributed to a number of factors, including the prominence of women’s role in the economic circles as breadwinners and their crucial and untiring struggle to keep the families together and make ends meet with meager resources. […]