Vision & Mission

Candlelight Strategic Philosophy

Vision Statement

Candlelight envisions a peaceful and environmentally conscious society with equitable access to resources and quality social services.

Mission statement

Candlelight is a non-governmental organization that strives to bring about positive changes in communities through environmental conservation, provision of quality education and creation of awareness rising on health issues.

Core Value

1) Demonstrate integrity, transparency, and accountability to community, donors and public authorities
2) Respect for community norms and culture in all our dealings
3) Promotion of human rights and gender equity.
4) Build relationships with all stakeholders through participation, cooperation, collaboration, teamwork and openness, regular communication.
4) Create enthusiasm and impact through need-based interventions.
5) Abide by the laws of the country and advocate positive change.


1) Working towards the improvement of the environmental situation of the country.
2) Advancing education by the provision of facilities for schooling and other learning opportunities as well as vocational training for the youth.
3) Improving the living conditions of low-income women, pastoralists and agro-pastoralists by helping them through income generation/diversification activities.
4) Awareness creation on health issues and health promotion programs and women’s reproductive health.
5) Responding to humanitarian needs of affected communities during disasters.

Governance Body

Candlelight is governed by a board of directors of seven members entrusted with overall responsibility of the organization through provision of oversight, leadership and guidance. A management team comprised of heads of departments is headed by an executive director who is in charge of execution of day to day operations in accordance with advice and policies laid down by the board of directors. The board of directors include: