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Somaliland Drought Effect

The current drought is about 3 years old and affected many human life entire Somaliland regions, eastern region (Sool, Sanaag & Togheer) are the worst regions affected by this shock drought. They have lost the hope and unable to watch the livestock dying in droves in front of their eyes, many of them have decided to move with their livestock in search of water and pasture, leaving behind the very young children and the elderly people.

Water Trucking and Distribution of Dates.

Candlelight with ISF contribution to the drought effect communities specially some villages around Hargeisa. Candlelight team distributed dates and water trucking.

Drought Recovery Documentary Film

This is a documentary film for water trucking project which distributed  260 water tankers to the venerable drought effect communities in  Garadag, Ceel afweyn and Ceerigabo districts of Sanaag region.

Youth Employment and Training Documentary Film

Youth and unemployment is one of the challenges facing Somaliland, in the recently developed National Youth Policy of Somaliland, the Ministry of Planning stated that the youth in Somaliland constitute around 70% of the population and although there are many problems faced by youth, unemployment is among the top challenges. If this issue is not tackled, its impact will be serious challenge to the stability of the country.

Besides the Somaliland government, private companies, local & international organizations and some UN agencies are engaged in creation of employment opportunities for the youth in Somaliland. Candlelight is one of the local organizations that supports youth employment through skills training, provision of tools, safety materials and seed capital.


This video is about presentation ceremony for value addition of sisal production and beneficiaries training.
A project on the value-addition of sisal production is being implemented by Candlelight for Environment, Education and Health with financial support from the International Solidarity Foundation, a Finnish organization operating in Somaliland. The project site is Go’da Weyn villey where Agave sislana has been introduced in the area during 1950s of the last century. The area has the largest concentration of that type of sisal in Somaliland and predominantly the biggest producing area in the country. The project activities include provision of decorticating machines to ease the extraction of fiber, twining machines, skills training on the production of different materials from sisal such as door mats (carpets), hand bags, ropes etc. The activities also include increasing the availability of sisal through plantations.


Youth Employment and Training Documentary

This video is a summary of youth employment and training project implemented by Candlelight for Environment, Education and Health in Burao and sheik towns (Somaliland) during 2013 the project was funded by United States African Development Foundation (USADF).


Fodder Production Demonstration Farms


This is documentary film for Candlelight fodder production demonstration farms project.
Six Fodder demonstration sites were established in six villages of Togdheer region to improve accessibility of qualitative fodder for livestock. This project was funded by USAID and implemented by Candlelight.
The overall objectives of the project was to assist pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in the rational utilization of their grazing and feeding resources leading to sustained income and livestock production consequently improving the livelihoods the farm operators and their dependents as well as the pastoral households who from time to time source fodder from the farm.



Mitigating Effects of Drought in Somailand 

This video is the summary of a Livelihood and Education projects to improve the adversely effects of drought in Somaliland, Implemented by Candlelight for Health, Education and Environment (CLHE) during 2013, in Sahil and Togdheer regions and funded by Oxfam Novib.



Hargeisa Graduation Ceremony

This vidio is the graduation ceremony for Candlelight girl’s education promotion project in 2014, the students graduated from Tailoring, Cooking, Henna and Decoration, Computer, Literacy and Literacy- Tie & Dye.



Jaleelo Village Interventions

This video is the summary enhancing food security of pastoral and agro pastoral community in Jaleelo and Hamuradlay villages of Marodijeh region which funded by International Solidarity Foundation of Finland (ISF) and implement by Candlelight for Environment, Education and Health. The aim of this activity was distributing material such water pump Machines, wheelbarrows and other farming equipment for the farmers


Youth Education Pack Documentary

This video is a summary of Youth Education Pack (YEP) Project which implemented by Candlelight for Environment, Education and Health in Erigavo Vocational Training Center in Sanag region and funded by Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

Erigavo Graduation Ceremony  

This sort film is about the tenth batch graduation ceremony for Youth Education Pack (YEP) project in Erigavo Candlelight vocational training center, Funding by Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), this project is aimed at providing functional literacy and numeracy training for displaced and returnee youth including women. All learners are orientated and supported in their field of choice such as beautification, carpentry, electricity/electronics, masonry, plumbing and tailoring, the total graduated students were 101 trainees.