Climate Adaption Training

Candlelight is one  of NGOs who is involved  food security  project  in Magallo cad and Magalo Qaloc villages, Borama District Awdal  region,  The  local communities  in these village  are  pure  farmers  who produce   variety  of crops  for  their  family dietary  as well as  selling  extra crops. The  major  crops  normally  produce  include, Maize, Sorghum,  Caw pea, Taff,  And  fruit  and vegetable  crops are  Watermelon,  Tomato and   Onion.

Candlelight is involved a project on food security resilience in a targeted project. So,    this project seeks to reduce vulnerability to climate change by supporting the communities training based on climate change adaptation.

Primary objective

  • To increase   community knowledge  on climate change and its mitigation
  • To  train local community  how to manage climate hazard  in their locality
  • To Map local climatic hazards and assess their risk.

Secondary objectives

    • Clarify the area under consideration in the group discussion.
    • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the natural and physical features of the local context.
    • Help communities identify the critical hazard types and their impacts