Small Business Management Training

Development Fund  with partnership with Candlelight supported Strengthening Agro pastoral and Pastoral  economic project  in Magalo Cad  village  through providing revolving loan fund and business management skills training to the project beneficiaries of fifteen  women by this year. Most of the women’s in Somaliland are heads house-hold or bread winners for their families, those women’s needs to reach a sustainable economic growth in family. No women in the society could be more rich or self-sufficient; if her business should not be improved.

Small business management  is important for development of every woman in Somaliland (individually or group business) and the well being of their families. Usually small business owners demonstrate their special capacity to mobilize their resources and generate new ones.

This training was to come up with certain approach about the proper management of small business. During the2 days of training from 16th -17th Aug, 2017, the participants learned basic business management skills.

The overall objective of the training was successfully achieved, the participants showed high appreciation and positive impact of the training. The participants showed self confidence on their readiness to starting up new business or expanding the previous existing ones, and managing well their business and understanding of market analyzes. Participants showed confidence of working group together and having a same business.  This training exposed participants to certain approaches about the proper management of small business enterprises.  The number of participants were  20  members,  five  of them were  youth  male  while others  women.

Objective of the workshop

  • To learn how to manage small business skills (bookkeeping) and probably to choose a good business.
  • To assist them how they start a small business  as well as  Income  generation
  • To strengthen and promote the small-enterprise business to enable women’s to gain skills to make it use.
  • To establish Women cooperative Business  Investment body as well as  to  lean how  govern  women cooperative  and service grants .
  • To prepare  bylaws draft agreed  members  in women cooperative and elect leadership and  cooperative name