Case Study three

Hamda running her tailoring business

Hamda is a young lady who is a member of Rooble Self Help Group (SHG) in Mohamed Mooge village, before joining the SHG she had nothing to do, she is illiterate in reading and writing but has a tailoring skill,  her family was  very poor, she was not able to earn her needs and facilities as a lady from the family; then she has joined in this SHG after a while the SHG gave her 1000,000 Somaliland shilling from the SHG saving fund  she was thought to borrow a sewing machine since she had the tailoring skills in which she has learned at candlelight vocational training center in Mohamed Mooge (Tusmo Center) she paid the 1000,000 Sl/Sh and borrowed the rest in which  she has agreed with the owner to pay after three months. By now she repaid both the loan from the SHG and the loan from sewing machine owner. She produces the fashion designs cloth for ladies; she encourages many other young ladies and showed them that they can create a business and run, as well as the tangible benefits of the SHG approach.