Capacity Building Training Program

Candlelight-KNH partnership project aims in abandoning FGM/C through Community Empowerment and Food Security Improvement in Saaxil Region. The project complements the government efforts, NAFIS NETWORK, KNH and International/Regional Institutions working to eradicate FGM/. Thus the project staff needed capacity building training to run the project smoothly.

Therefore Candlelight organized four days capacity building training in Sheikh town. The training started on 23rd May 2017 at Candlelight Sheikh Office and the main objective of the training was to ensure that a strong training package is delivered to Candlelight staff from Burao, Sheikh and Hargiesa offices to equip them in the knowledge of high quality in both Quantitative and Qualitative Data Collection methods, Data Cleaning, Data Analysis, as well as Data Representation by using SPSS Software.

The trainer provided effective method of fostering discussions and transferring knowledge on quantitative and qualitative analysis, technical expertise in using SPPS for data entry and producing reports through highly interactive and case study – centred approach.

The participants were assigned with practicing assignments during the training. The training was participative and all participants were given chance to ask what seemed not to understand.