Water Trucking

Candlelight made numerous drought responses by providing  water tracking and dates to different sites including but not limited Farawayne, Garabis, Gumburaha and Qolcaday rural villages in Marodijeh region, since there was a severe droughts in Somaliland particularly these areas.

The situation we have seen those areas was overwhelming, and some of the places have not yet received any humanitarian assistance before Candlelight intervention.

As a result of the failed rains, there has been poor crop production, acute shortage of water, and death of livestock – a key source of livelihood for communities in Somaliland. Consequentially, malnutrition is at its highest peak among infants, small children, the elderly, sick and other vulnerable groups.

According to the affected pastoralists, the current drought is about 3 years old. Honestly speaking, it is hard to vividly express in writing the magnitude of the current drought crisis. The pastoralists of these areas have lost their livestock in great numbers; the remaining livestock continue to die in great numbers. They have lost the hope and unable to watch the livestock dying in droves in front of their eyes, many of them have decided to move with their livestock in search of water and pasture, leaving behind the very young children and the elderly people.