Women Milk Cooperative Established and Their Unique Modality of Working

Women milk cooperative established by Candlelight  in Suuqsade had received assistance and presented  their unique modality of working for the first time in Somaliland.

Candlelight provided and supported milk preservation tool kits consisted milk cans of stainless   containers and two  refrigerators  working solar system to thirty members in two Women milk groups from milk producers/Cooperative in Suuqsade  Village, Sheikh District.   This support  was part of the activities of the  two year (2015-2016) project on enhancement   food security and socioeconomic wellbeing of the target communities in Somaliland funded by Development Fund, Norway and implemented  by Candlelight.

The purpose of these milk preservation tool kits was to strength women’s livelihoods as well as creating income generation activities (IGAs).,   This supported input is expecting to have solution to the existing    constrains on   milk quality and  hygiene to  preserve  longer time   more than   24 hours. Previously, women milk business was based on  daily bases   milk products  immediately   transporting to markets   within  8 hours, without   no  longer  keeping  its quality.  Finally,  the  project  had achieved  to  save time and   money from  milk preservation   for those  30  poor  targeted   female headed  households  .

The distribution event   for the  milk preservation assistance    was attended by the  vice mayor of Sheikh  Mr. Abdi Artan and Mr. Mohamed  Saed Deria  a member   Sheikh council ,  they  paid    a visit  to where  installed   the two  refrigerators   working  solar system.  Finally, Mr. Artan and  Deria hand overs  all the  assistances to  milk cooperative. This cooperative was established in March, 2016. The modality of women milk cooperative working is unique and is  the only one of its  kind in Somaliland.

The   women milk  cooperative  called TAWFIIQ,    the cooperative consist  in two women  groups,  who lives in the   village  dwellings ,  Group “A “  for  North  and  Group  “B” for South, of which each group consist  of   15  members living  in a same vicinity areas..

  • Modality of working of the group as agreed on daily bases,  Each member  of the  15 members  of  group  must  provide  daily 1 or  3  liter of  milk to  first member in the group, Second day to the  second person,  Until  the all members   covered  and got  15 or 45  litres  for one day   depends  milk production seasonality,  And starts  again  the second  round from  first  to end.
  • Each group  selected  three leadership  positions, Chairperson,  Milk Secretariat    and  Daily  Milk Collector and  Checker, in order  to control  milk quality from provider  and receiver  to milk minimize risks.







Members of the women milk cooperative, and Mr. Artan Deputy Mayor of  Sheikh  town covering consisted milk cans of stainless containers and refrigerators.

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Giving how to use induction to one of cooperative milk women, and one of  women milk members Mrs Amina using unhygienic plastic containers, the previous method.