Self Help Group Approach (SHG) Launching Ceremony

Self Help Group Approach (SHG) is a successful instrument for combating poverty in a sustainable way. It empowers the very poor people of the communities socially and economically to live a life of dignity with their families and community. The Self Help Group (SHG) is breakthrough of changing dependency on humanitarian aid model Instead; it focuses to promote the strength and the power of the communities as well as unleashing the potential of the communities. The initiative is based on mutual support and encouraging self-reliance of the members and communities.

The Self Help Group Approach (SHG) was initiated in Somaliland in 2013 and was piloted on small groups. After successful achievements of the initiative, the approach was fully started in 2014 and by now 642 Self Help Groups (SHGs) has formed in Somaliland particularly Hargeisa and Burao in which 12,116 are members. The approach has created 7895 small businesses for the members from their saving among. The total amount of their saving is $996,500 and the investment given out to the members is $1,680,000.

Therefore, to spread this successful approach/initiative throughout the country; SHG launching ceremony was conducted at Maansoor Hotel Hargeisa on 17th August 2016, in which 2100 persons have participated including Honorable guests  from the government like the Vice-President of the Republic of Somaliland, State-Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Minister of Trade & Investment, deputy  Minister of Planning, deputy  Minister of Religious Affairs, deputy Minister of Information, deputy -Chair of Kulmiye Party, UN & INGO Officials, Micro-finance institutions, and  members from all Self Help Groups in Hargeisa.

The event was well organized by the National SHG hosting organization Nafis Network with  11 SHG promoting organizations of CANDLELIGHT, ADO, BVO, CCBRS, SOYDAVO, TASCO, WORDA, SAWDA, WAAPO and SAWRAG.

The honorable guests and speakers were highly appreciated and heartedly welcomed the SHG approach particularly the Vice-President Mr. Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail (Saylici) announced that the government recognizes the approach and he promised the government collaboration with the SHG members as well as the promoting organizations.

Lastly but not the least,  the Vice-President pointed out that  as a government, they welcome every valuable initiation that add value to the life of people and advised to the public to give support those poor people who have changed their situation through SHG approach without any external investment.

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