Sustainable Agronomic Practices Training

  CANDLE LIGHT has organized workshop on agronomic practices It has been conducted and facilitated by agronomist. The training workshop was started and continued from   9-12, June 2017, the training participants were 40 members   twenty of them were women,   all trainees  were  come from  two villages  Magaalo-Cad and Magaalo –qaloc […]

Capacity Building Training Program

Candlelight-KNH partnership project aims in abandoning FGM/C through Community Empowerment and Food Security Improvement in Saaxil Region. The project complements the government efforts, NAFIS NETWORK, KNH and International/Regional Institutions working to eradicate FGM/. Thus the project staff needed capacity building training to run the project smoothly. Therefore Candlelight organized four […]

Anniversary Independence Day

His Excellence the president, Mr. Siilaanyo has declared that the theme for the 26th anniversary of Somaliland independence  day, on 18th May 2017 is to “stand together with drought affected families” through fundraising to revive the lost livelihood of the pastoral communities and tree planting events. Firstly, the fundraising activities […]

Building Resilience of Drought Affected Communities and IDPs in Sanaag

Somaliland humanitarian crises has become fragile towards the 2015-2016 following consecutive three failed and below the normal rainy season from (October – December 2015, April and June Gu rains 2016, and October – December 2016 as well as late Gu rains of 2017. The drought episode grips loss of Livestock […]

Water Trucking

Candlelight made numerous drought responses by providing  water tracking and dates to different sites including but not limited Farawayne, Garabis, Gumburaha and Qolcaday rural villages in Marodijeh region, since there was a severe droughts in Somaliland particularly these areas. The situation we have seen those areas was overwhelming, and some […]

Food and Water Distribution

Drought and climatic related humanitarian episodes has been recurring feature in the Greater Horn and specifically in the Somali region. The situation was also made complex by accelerated environmental degradation which badly impacted on rural communities who predominantly depend on livestock production and to some extent on crop production for […]

ISF delegation Trip to Somaliland

Somaliland is currently experiencing a progressive and sustained deterioration and erosion of livelihoods, which is exacerbated by a combination of multiple reinforcing shocks including drought, accelerated environmental degradation and climate change. This situation has been going on for many decades now and has led to, among other things, unsustainable utilization […]

District Training on Gender Equality in Territorial Issues

FAO produced a guideline for Improving Gender Equality in Territorial Issues (IGETI) to promote gender inclusion and participation in July 2012. The country office with the support of Candlelight translated the guideline in to Somali language under its “Rebuilding Confidence on Land issues in Somalia” project generously financed by the European Union. […]

Daallo Plateau Forest

The native forests of the evergreen belt in high Daallo Edge is found have 1,200 endemic species, the high altitude areas of  Daallo reaches 1800M-2100 with receives  annual rainfall exceeding 700mm per annum. This forest vegetation was covering nearly about 1 million hectares before the collapse of government institutions for […]