Environment Programmes

Candlelight has its separate natural resource management department that carries out the different environmental and livelihoods programmes. The department is run by a team of experienced staff with multi-disciplinary skills, such as community trainings, soil and water conservation, gender mainstreaming in environmental activities, climate change, sustainable agriculture, energy etc.

Major areas of focus include:

– Community trainings on climate change adaptation and environmental protection,

– Training sustainable agriculture practices with provision of seeds, hand tools and farm tillage hours to resource poor farmers.

– Training on fodder production and livestock management practices

– Soil and water conservation techniques

– Mainstreaming gender and environment

– Promoting alternative energies

– Roof water harvesting methods

– Nurseries management and reforestation program

– Construction and rehabilitation of water sources

– Construction of sub-surface dams

– Construction of shallow wells

– Construction of feeder roads

– Income generation/diversification activities with focus on pastoral and agro-pastoral communities. This includes bee-keeping trainings and material inputs, farmer’s assistance packages etc.

– Research & documentation

The following projects are on-going and completed environment field projects

Reducing Vulnerability and Building Community Resilience to Climate Change Effects in Somaliland

Reducing Vulnerability and Building Community Resilience to Climate Change Effects in Somaliland is aiming training community members on holistic resource management, soil and water conservation, erosion control and protection with rehabilitation /Construction of shallow wells and provide water pumps, training farmers on agronomic practices and agro-pastoralist on milk preservation techniques. […]

Through Self Reliance Project (TSRII)

Through Self Reliance (TSRII) Project is a livelihood project which intended to improve the living conditions of the pastoralist in the locations of Erigavo, El-afwayn, Ainabo and Boocame. The project’s overall objective is to reduce the poverty and improve food security for chronically food insecure pastoral populations in Sool and […]

Building Confidence on Land Issues in Somaliland

Somaliland is currently facing massive problems in relation to enclosures, evictions, and disputes over access to pasture/range land/, agricultural land, urban land and other natural resources. Livelihoods of people in Somaliland without access or with very limited access to land and other natural resources are vulnerable because they have difficulty […]

Rehabilitation and Management of Grazing and Forestry Reserves

The Somaliland Development Fund (SDF) project supports under the supervisions of ministry of Environment and Rural Development aims at the reduction of rural poverty in targeted areas in Somaliland by promoting community sound development through a multi-sect oral approach. The project emphasizes   the rehabilitation, protection and management of the natural […]

Cross Border & Reconstruction Project

Cross border/Reconstruction Project commenced 2012, the project intends to address long existing needs of the community and aims to invest in strengthening governance, increasing resilience to drought and improving livelihood security. Project is funded by Dutch Government through OXFAM NOVIB, and is jointly implemented in partnership with  CANDLELIGHT, HAVAYOCO, HIRDA […]

Enhancing the food security of pastoral and agro pastoral community in Somaliland

The overall goal of the project is to improve the social welfare conditions of pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in the target villages. Specific Objective :Household income of pastoral and agro-pastoral families in the target areas is increased Project Period: 1st January 2012- 31st December 2015 Targeted Locations: Maroodi-jeex Region of […]

Local Production

Improving Women’s Status through Economic Empowerment in Somaliland

The overall goal of the project is to enhance environmental protection and disaster risk reduction by developing the skills of 400 women through training on environment protection, disaster preparedness and early warning systems. Specific Objective: To support 300 women and their organizations (at least six) to gain the knowledge and […]

Improved food security and well being of farmers, agro pastoralist and pastoralists

The project goal is to improve agriculture and production practices in Dubur area by carrying out trainings on best agronomic practices, infrastructural inputs such as shallow wells and sand storage dams construction, tools and seeds distribution. Capacity building on marketing issues for farmers with focus on women as well as […]